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Orthopedic 3D Scanning Technology for Orthotics and AFOs

Making a Switch: From Casts to 3D Scanning

Mar 08, 2019. – Author: Kevin B. Rosenbloom, C.Ped, Sports Biomechanist Are you thinking of switching to 3D scanning? Podiatric clinicians are constantly wondering which method to perfectly capture a patient’s contour is the most accurate and practically preferred. This presentation will demonstrate a brief overview of the history, instructions for usage, pros/cons and… more

Footwear: How the Past Affects Patients Today

Mar 07, 2019. – Author: Kevin B. Rosenbloom, C.Ped, Sports Biomechanist Modern shoes are altering the natural morphology and biomechanics of the foot (D’AoÛt et al. 2009). As a result, healthcare professionals often answer patients’ questions regarding modern shoe recommendations. From the footwear of grass and domesticated animal hides of the past, to the… more

The Process: From Negative Cast to Ankle Foot Orthotic

Mar 07, 2019. – Kevin Orthopedic Work Flow of Custom Fabrication of Ankle Foot Orthotics from Negative Cast When our laboratory receives a patient’s cast, our technician scans the order for future use and enters key data into our proprietary software. This includes the patient’s demographic information including the patient’s name, height, weight, and… more

What shoe should I wear with my AFO?

Feb 19, 2018. – Author: Kevin B. Rosenbloom, C.Ped, Sports Biomechanist When a patient is adjusting to life with an AFO, there are many questions that arise. Among the questions, shoe recommendations are a common. This topic is not taken lightly and frequently discussed at the Kevin Orthopedic lab. Shoe Recommendations Our lab’s founder,… more

Is a premium lab worth it?

Feb 06, 2018. – Author: Kevin B. Rosenbloom, C.Ped, Sports Biomechanist Like when shopping for most things in life, it takes time to find the best products and services. That time being spent searching can be overwhelming and sometimes lead to less than satisfactory results, especially when it comes to foot orthotics and AFOs…. more

A Quick Overview of Drop Foot

Jul 09, 2017. – What is drop foot? Drop foot is the common term to describe the difficulty a patient may experience in lifting and bringing the hind foot forward during the toe-off phase of gait. As a result, the distal phalanges end up dragging or scraping the ground as the motion occurs. This… more