Shipping & Estimates


How do I check order status?

We send daily status reports to an email and/or fax. If you’d like to receive daily status reports let us know: hello@kevinorthopedic.com.

What do you do with the molds after fabrication?

We store molds for orthotics + AFOs in house for 3 months. Another option we provide is RTD (Return To Doctor) upon request. If we digitize your molds they are stored indefinitely. You can choose mold management on the prescription or email us to set standards for your account.

What is your preferred casting method/what kind of cast do you accept?

For Foot Orthotics specifically:

We work with all casting methods.

  • Foam impression
  • Plaster casts
  • STS Slipper socks
  • 3D Scanner
  • Pedobarography

When do I get charged?

We run our billing cycle on the first of every month and charge the credit card on file. Invoices are emailed the day that your order ships to your clinic from the lab.

Who do I reach out to if I need support ordering?

We have a team of biomechanical support staff on hand to answer your questions quickly! If you email hello@kevinorthopedic.com or call 1-877-SOS-FEET (1-877-767-3338) we will be able to help you.

Shipping & Estimates

Transit Times for FedEx?

The Transit time is between 1-4 days, depending on location. Contact: hello@kevinorthopedic.com to receive the exact timing for your location. We serve nation wide. Expedited shipping is available.

Who do you use for shipping?

We use FedEx for shipping.
We also accept Post Office and UPS parcels.

To download a complimentary shipping label, visit www.kevinorthopedic.com/fedex

Who covers shipping charges?

Ground shipping both ways is complimentary. Express shipping is available for additional fees. Special or discounted pricing does not include complimentary shipping. Ask us for support with shipping fees, charges and rush orders.

How long is turn around?

Typically, foot orthotic orders will be back in your hands within two weeks, and AFO (braces) are within three weeks. And we will always aim to have your patient’s order back in your hands sooner! If you ever need to follow up or track where an order is, email: hello@kevinorthopedic.com

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