Forefoot: Dancer's Pad

Dancer’s pad of Myolite material

Offloads sesamoids
Drops 1st metatarsal head
2nd-5th metatarsal head cushioning

Clinical Indication:
Lesion beneath 1st metatarsal head
Rigid plantarflexed 1st ray
Painful bipartite sesamoid

A dancer’s pad is Myolite padding added to the superior midfoot and forefoot of the orthotic. It begins at the midfoot, proximal to the 1st metatarsal base and distal to the styloid process, and extends to the distal edge of the frame, where it continues beneath the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th metatarsal heads, but terminates proximal to the sesamoids and 1st metatarsal head. The distal edge of the pad is left unskived.

A 1st ray cut out modification is also recommended to accompany this padding if increased flexibility and less frame interference with the sesamoids is desired.

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