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Frame Attributes: Device Undercut

Vertical angle of lateral and medial aspects of orthotic frame filler and extrinsic forefoot and rearfoot postings

Reduces rearfoot bulk to fit in slip, strobel or board lasted shoes

Clinical Indications for 0°, 10°:
Wide lasted shoes
Increased stability and control
Increased orthotic reaction force

Clinical Indications for 15°, 20°, 30°:
Narrow strobel lasted shoes
Slip lasted shoes

A device undercut is a superior to inferior angled cut on any extrinsic posting or frame filler. The cut begins at the posterior heel cup and extends distally along both the medial and lateral sides. The undercut will extend to the distal edge of the frame filler or extrinsic forefoot posting if present.

Note: If no undercut is selected, the device will receive the lab standard 10° undercut..

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