Toe Length: Dynamic Wedge

Myolite material frame-extension to sulcus coupled with EVA material dorsiflexion hallux wedge

Planterflexes 1st ray
Elevates 2nd - 5th metatarsal heads
Accommodates 1st metatarsal head
Dorsiflexes 1st MTP joint

Clinical Indication:
Hallux limitus
Jamming of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint
Inefficient windlass mechanism

A dynamic wedge is a modified Myolite forefoot extension to sulcus with a dorsi-flex, semi-rigid to very rigid (45-75 Shore A) EVA wedge that sits beneath the 1st phalange. The forefoot extension begins at the superior distal edge of the orthotic frame, terminates just past the 2nd - 5th metatarsal heads and excludes the 1st.

Its medial edge does not extend past the 1st interspace, and its edges are unskived. The dorsi-flex wedge begins its incline just distal to the 1st metatarsal head and ends past the distal phalange. The lateral edge does not extend past the first interspace and is unskived.

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