Frame Attributes: Frame Filler

Myolite or EVA reinforcement and shock absorbing layer inferior of frame

Increases Orthotic Reaction Forces
Shock absorption
Increases midfoot frame rigidity
Mild control of midtarsal joints

Clinical Indication:
Strobel or board lasted shoes with
Generous width in midfoot to allow frame filler to sit flat and level

Frame filler is flexible, semiflexible or rigid (15, 30 or 65 Shore A) Myolite or EVA material added to the inferior medial and lateral arch area of a device’s frame. On an extrinsic device, it begins proximally at the device’s distal rearfoot and extends distally, tapering to the frame’s distal edge.

On an intrinsic device the frame filler will extend around the entire heel cup area. This modification creates a flat inferior surface for the device to sit level. A filler skive can be modified to further customize the frame filler.


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