Frame Attributes: Heel Cup Depth

Measure of heel cup height from plantar heel of positive model to top of frame heel cup

Rearfoot stabilization and control
Reduces lateral shearing
Helps keep fat pad concentrated beneath calcaneus

Clinical Indication:
Orthopedic pathology
Heel stabilization is beneficial in nearly all applications

The heel cup is the curved rearfoot area of a device’s frame that encompasses a patient’s plantar calcaneus. The depth of a heel cup refers to the superior height of its posterior, medial and lateral edges. Deep heel cups range from 18-30mm in height, 12mm is the standard heel cup height, 6mm is a shallow heel cup depth.

No heel cup is when no curvature appears in the rearfoot area of a device’s frame and its posterior, medial and lateral edges possess no superior height. However, the arch contour is still maintained in this instance.

Note: Heel cup depths are scalable to the patient’s foot size. The larger the foot, the deeper the heel cup. Diagram measurements and depth distinctions are based on a US men’s size 10 and US women’s size 8 shoe, but individual order may vary relative to standard deviations in patient’s shoe and foot size.

CLINICAL PEARL Please consider the volume of patient shoe gear when specifying heel cup depth. Shallower depths are ideal for low volume, dress shoes. Deep depths require more space.


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