Rearfoot: Heel Skive

Plantar heel foot model skive medial to subtalar joint axis

Increases subtalar joint supinatory torque
Stabilizes or inverts calcaneus

Clinical Indication:
Subtalar joint overpronation

A heel skive is a slope on the superior medial heel of an orthotic frame and its shape is similar to an elongated oval. This slope begins from the medial heel cup and declines laterally to the foot’s sagittal plane. This creates a varus wedge effect within the heel cup. The angulation of the slope is consistent while the depth of the skive can be chosen on a practitioner’s selection and
its diameter can range from 2-4cm depending on foot size. This modification is created by removing material from a positive model or within the design of a CAD model.

Note: In order for this modification to be effective, an extrinsic post is required. If no extrinsic post is paired with this modification, the rearfoot of the orthotic will be unstable.


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