Forefoot: Metatarsal Balance

Metatarsal head balance pad with Myolite cushion material

Disperses metatarsal head pressure
Raises surrounding metatarsal heads
Offloads targeted metatarsal heads

Clinical Indication:
Bony or soft-tissue metatarsal head prominence

A metatarsal balance is a 3mm Myolite forefoot padding that sits on top of an extension and extends from the superior distal edge of the orthotic frame, terminates distally to the metatarsal heads and has a parabolic aperture that offloads a bony or soft-tissue prominence. The curved side of the aperture is just proximal to the metatarsal head, straightens at the adjacent interspaces. The inside edges of aperture’s negative space are unskived while the outer edges are all blended.

Note: Lab technicians may use discretion to increase the
amount of offloading dependent on patient foot size or a
significantly prominent plantar metatarsal head.

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