Sulcus Length: Reverse Morton's

Extension To Sulcus

Myolite material reverse Morton’s frame-extension to sulcus

Planterflexes 1st metatarsal head relative to lesser metatarsal heads
Increases 1st MTP range of motion
2nd -5th metatarsal head cushioning
Sulcus length reduces forefoot bulk

Clinical Indication:
Functional Hallux Limitus
Lesion beneath 1st metatarsal head
Rigid plantarflexed 1st ray

A Reverse Morton’s extension is a Myolite padding that begins at the superior distal edge of the orthotic frame, terminates just distal to sulcus (just past the metatarsal heads), and is placed only beneath the 2nd -5th metatarsal heads, excluding the 1st metatarsal head. Its medial edge does not extend past the 1st interspace, and the medial edge can be left unskived upon request.

A 1st ray cut out modification is also recommended to accompany this extension if increased flexibility and less interference with the sesamoids is desired.

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