Rearfoot: Valgus Extrinsic

Valgus extrinsic of frame rearfoot post

Stabilizes inverting rearfoot
Eversion of heel at heel strike
Increases orthotic reaction force lateral to STJ

Clinical Indication:
Oversupination of subtalar joint
Shoe gear with removable insoles

A valgus extrinsic rearfoot post is semi-rigid to very rigid (45- 65 Shore A) EVA material added to the inferior heel cup area of a device’s frame and then leveled to create a flat surface. This modification increases the contact area of the device with the shoe when compared to an intrinsic rearfoot posting. An angulation can also be ground into the EVA and frame to achieve a valgus rearfoot posting. The distal lateral edge of the orthotic frame will elevate matching the angulation of the rearfoot posting angle.

Note: Device Undercut adjusts the vertical angles of extrinsic posts. See page 117 for further information.


The angle of the weight-bearing achilles insertion bisection line relative to the normal force vector line can be used as an indication to determine the adequate degree of rearfoot posting to achieve equilibrium around the adjacent lower extremity structures during ambulation.

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