Midfoot: Valgus Frame Filler

Valgus frame filler - lateral frame filler

Lateral stability
Everts frame at midfoot

Clinical Indication:
Ankle instability
Peroneal tendon dysfunctions
Rigid forefoot valgus
Lateral pathologies

The valgus frame filler (lateral frame filler) is semi-rigid to
very rigid (45-65 Shore A) EVA material added to the inferior
lateral side of an orthotic frame. It begins at the distal
rearfoot, extends distally through the midfoot and tapers to
the distal edge of the frame, proximal to the lateral metatarsal


Extrinsic rearfoot posts matching in angulation are
recommended, but not required (e.g., for clinically controlling
an everted subtalar joint and inverted midfoot, a varus
rearfoot post with a valgus frame filler is acceptable. These
modifications will create a “twist” or alternating pressures
along the foot’s sagittal plane when the orthotic reaction
forces interacts with the foot).

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