Forefoot: Valgus Metatarsal Wedge

Valgus metatarsal head wedge

Accommodates forefoot valgus
Supports non-plantigrade everted metatarsal heads

Clinical Indication:
Rigid forefoot valgus
Elevates lateral metatarsal heads
Oversupination throughout rear-, mid- and forefoot due to rigid planterflexed 1st ray
Positive Coleman Block test

A valgus metatarsal wedge is semiflexible to rigid (35-65 Shore A) EVA material added to the superior edge of the distal frame where it extends distally into the forefoot and terminates at the sulcus. Its distal edge gradually decreases in height as it extends to the medial side. The height and amount of material added is dependent on the desired angulation.

This type of extrinsic forefoot post is recommended for angulations of 2°-6°. It can be paired with intrinsic forefoot posting if higher angulation is desired.


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