Forefoot: Varus Extrinsic (Bar)

Varus extrinsic forefoot bar post

Inverts the forefoot
Twists frame into varus

Clinical Indication:
Pronation Correction
Hyper-mobile 1st ray

A varus extrinsic (bar) post is semi-rigid to very rigid (45-75
Shore A) EVA material added to the inferior distal frame. It
begins approximately 2cm proximal to the distal edge on the
medial side and terminates at the distal frame. The extrinsic
bar also decreases in height as it extends beneath the device
to the lateral side of the orthosis. The exact height and amount
of material added is dependent on the desired angulation. A
forefoot extrinsic bar post becomes a ‘tip’ post when it has
an angulation between 0°-2° because the minimal amount of
material used. A tip post doesn’t extend to the lateral side.
Because 2°-6° posts raise the distal medial frame, a “drop
off” will be created. If higher varus correction is desired, this
modification can be paired with intrinsic forefoot posting.

Note: Bar posts are recommended for frames calibrated to
neutral or higher in thickness and not recommended for flexible
or EVA frames.

0° varus forefoot posts can also be applied to prevent orthotic
frame ‘bite’ or cut in the shoe, which reduces the orthotic
effectiveness and shortens shoe life.

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