Model S9

Designed for the serious, competitive, long distance runner. Lightweight, cushioned and supportive.


  • High Performance Vinyl Top Cover
  • High Performance, Lightweight, Polypropylene Shell


The Marathon device is designed for the serious, competitive runner. It features a thin, lightweight polypropylene shell to provide support without inhibiting speed.

A heel-to-toe layer of myolite absorbs impact, and the thin shell is paired with a durable vinyl top cover to make this device ideal for low-volume racing flats. An extrinsic, black, crepe, rearfoot post provides calcaneal control for extended running periods, helping to prevent the onset of stabilizer fatigue

The Marathon device is constructed with a positive model of the patient’s foot and can be modified at the practitioner’s discretion.

Tech Specs


  • 3mm Fat Pad Expansion
  • 3mm Lower Medial Arch
  • 10mm Heel Cup


  • MOD: 0 (Modify casts to Balance Forefoot perpendicular to Rearfoot)
  • RF: 0 (0° Extrinsic Rearfoot Post)
  • FF1: N (Forefoot Neutral: Not Posted)
  • FF2:      (None: Splitting forefoot post partial intrinsic and partial extrinsic)
  • HL: 0 (No Heel Lift)


  • 3mm White Polypropylene Shell
  • Black Crepe Rearfoot Post
  • Myolite Arch Filler


  • Finish Standard
  • Black Heel Plate


  • 3mm Myolite Padding Heel to Toes
  • Black Vinyl Top Cover to Toes
  • Black Suede Bottom Cover to Toes


Top Cover Options

  • Glove Leather
  • Micro Suede
  • Plastazote
  • Spenco
  • Vinyl
  • Prolite

Bottom Cover Options

  • Glove Leather
  • Micro Suede
  • Vinyl

Recommended For

  • Competitive to professional runners
  • Runners with moderate to advanced pathology
  • Performance Enhancement

Clinical Indications

  • Symptomatic feet while running
  • Biomechanical pathology

Customized Devices

Full details and images from custom devices that have been built for actual patients

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