Solid Ankle

Model A100


  • Custom molded 4mm polypropylene shell
  • Soft EVA lining available
  • Low volume


The Solid Ankle brace is a functional, traditional posterior leaf-spring orthosis. It’s ideal for patients with mild drop foot and features a simple, low-profile design that extends to the fibula head. Trim lines may also be brought more anterior or posterior to provide various levels of control. This device is constructed with a 4mm polypropylene shell that can be reduced to 3mm for flexibility or increased to 5mm or 6mm for greater control.  An EVA lining can be added for increased cushioning.

This brace is formed over a positive model of the patient’s foot. A negative impression or scan above the height of the finished brace must be created to correct and hold the foot, ideally with the ankle at 90 degrees and in a semi-weight-bearing or full-weight position.

This device is fully customizable per the practitioner’s discretion and is available exclusively through licensed medical providers.

Tech Specs


Top Cover Options

  • Glove Leather
  • Micro Suede
  • Plastazote
  • Spenco
  • Vinyl
  • Prolite

Bottom Cover Options

  • Glove Leather
  • Micro Suede
  • Vinyl

Recommended For

  • Patients who require a simple, low volume device to manage above indications

Clinical Indications

  • Mild drop foot
  • Adult acquired flatfoot
  • PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction)
  • Ankle Arthritis
  • DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)

Customized Devices

Full details and images from custom devices that have been built for actual patients

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