Turbomed XTERN Starter Kit

  • $240.00

Complimentary Starter Kit! 
Upon purchase of your Turbomed XTERN Starter Kit, your account will automatically be credited with $240 towards your first XTERN patient order. 

Starter Kit details: 

Used to fit your patients' with foot drop on the spot. You will collect two data points:

1. Size of Turbomed XTERN needed: Small, Medium, Large.
This will be found based on the patient's shoe size but please ensure that the correlating shoe size fits the width comfortably. Size guide on the arm of each fit kit brace and below. 

2. Front Hoop Length
This will also be initially based on shoe size (see chart below), but please fit properly based on the shoes your patient will most often wear. 

Measurement chart to use for both data points

1 x Small Turbomed XTERN Trial AFO
1 x Medium Turbomed XTERN Trial AFO
1 x Large Turbomed XTERN Trial AFO
Zip Ties
Allen Key
Fitting Instructions

Ankle foot orthosis, spiral, (institute of rehabilitative medicine type), plastic or other material, prefabricated, includes fitting and adjustment.
Ceiling: $970.87
Floor: $728.16

L2270 (optional Ankle Stabilication Strap accessory)
Addition to lower extremity, varus/valgus correction ('t') strap, padded/lined or malleolus pad