Classic Sport

Model: A3

This device can be prescribed with:

Plaster, Foam, STS, 3D Scanner, Redimold

A simple, durable, supportive device that is functionally effective and can fit in almost any shoe.

Clinical Indications:

  • Overpronation
  • Lower extremity pathology
  • Poor posture

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Recommended For:

  • Athletic shoes without removable insoles
  • Relieving pain and biomechanical imbalances

The Classic Sport device has all the durability and support of the Pro Sport, but is designed for athletic-style shoes without removable insoles. It possesses a Protex top cover that terminates just proximal to the metatarsal heads and a rigid to very rigid (60-75 Shore A) EVA extrinsic rearfoot post. It can be customized to be an intrinsic rearfoot post depending on the patient’s shoe type and use. This device effectively controls overpronation and supinatory movements. The Classic Sport is constructed with a positive model of the patient’s foot and can be modified at the clinician’s discretion.

Heel Post: Rearfoot Extrinsic Post
Frame: Polypropylene
Extension: None
Top Cover: 0.75mm Protex
12mm Heel Cup
Standard Width