Cushion Plus

Model: A11

This device can be prescribed with:

Plaster, Foam, STS, 3D Scanner, Redimold

A heavily padded functional orthotic with the feel of an accommodative device. Ideal for patients who spend long hours on their feet or suffer from fat pad atrophy.

Clinical Indications:

  • Overpronation
  • Lower extremity pathology
  • Poor posture

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Recommended For:

  • Shoes with removable insoles and extra depth
  • Active lifestyle patients that require a maximum cushion

The Cushion Plus is designed with all of the functional and biomechanical support one can expect from a rigid-shell orthotic. However, 6mm of padding simulates the comfortable, cushioned feel of a more accommodative device. The device is built with the skeleton of the All Sport, then loaded with Myolite for a soft, maximum cushioned feel.

This device is ideal for patients who spend long hours on their feet, patients who are more sensitive to the invasiveness of corrective orthotics, and patients who have fat-pad atrophy.

It’s recommended for use in shoes with removable insoles, as the ample cushioning takes up room in the shoe. However, it can also be customized to have an intrinsic rearfoot post, made metatarsal length, or made with thinner layers of padding.

The Cushion Plus is constructed with a positive model of the patient’s foot and can be modified at the practitioner’s discretion.

Bottom Cover: Suede to Toes
Heel Post: Rearfoot Extrinsic Post
Frame: Polypropylene
Extension: 3mm Myolite to Toes
Top Cover: 3mm Spenco
12mm Heel Cup