Intoeing Gait

Model: P7

This device can be prescribed with:

Plaster, Foam, STS, 3D ScannerRedimold

Corrects the gait pattern of pigeon-toed patients. Unique shape prompts a biomechanical compensation that corrects alignment for a neutral gait.

Clinical Indications:

  • Hip Adduction
  • Intoeing

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Recommended For:

  • Pediatric and adult patients with an adducted gait pattern
  • Internal torsion
  • Flexible shoe gear

The Intoeing Gait device is ideal for patients presenting intoeing gait with significant adduction. It’s designed to externally rotate the leg and guide patients into a more neutral gait. Intoeing gait is typically caused by skeletal abnormalities, so realignment with custom orthotics can be a highly effective solution in both pediatric and adult patients.

The unique distal edge of the rigid shell creates instability under the forefoot during toe-off. This triggers a compensatory external leg rotation to stabilize the forefoot, yielding a more neutral gait.

This device also has an extrinsic post that reduces subtalar inversion or eversion and is designed to fit most shoes with removable sock liners or insoles.

The Intoeing Gait is constructed with a positive model of the patient’s foot and can be modified at the practitioner’s discretion.

Frame Modification: Gait Out Plate
Heel Post: Rearfoot Extrinsic Post
Frame: Polypropylene
Extension: None
Top Cover: 0.75mm Protex
12mm Heel Cup
Standard Width