Premium Diabetic

Model: T3

This device can be prescribed with:

Plaster, Foam, STS, 3D ScannerRedimold

High quality and accommodative device for at-risk diabetic patients. Special top cover reduces friction and molds to the patient’s foot.

Clinical Indications:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Hypersensitive feet

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Recommended For:

  • At risk diabetic patients
  • Extra depth shoes with removable insoles

The Premium Diabetic is ideal for diabetic, at-risk patients. Custom-molded foot orthotics are proven to reduce pressures causative of ulcers in patients with decreased circulation and sensitivity. The quality and craftsmanship of the Premium Diabetic are far superior to that of standard diabetic inserts. Its accommodative, custom molded design features a medium-density EVA shell that extends to the sulcus and a thick Plastazote full-length top cover. The Plastazote immediately molds to the patient’s foot helping to minimize friction and “hot spots”. The Premium Diabetic is constructed with a positive model of the patient’s foot and can be modified at the practitioner’s discretion.

Heel Post: Rearfoot Intrinsic Post
Frame: EVA
Frame: EVA
Heel Cup: 16mm
Top Cover: 3mm Plastazote
Wide Width