Traditional Crow

Model: C100

Suggested L Codes:


  • L4631

Clinical Indications:

  • Neuropathic ulcerations due to diabetes
  • Charcot deformities of the foot and/or ankle
  • Calcaneal or toe amputations
  • Trauma
  • Pre or post surgical intervention of mid & hind foot

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Recommended For:

  • Any patient with indications listed above

The CROW walker, or Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker, is a heavily padded, hard-shelled walker, that fully restricts movement in the ankle and foot to protect and prevent further injury or trauma to the foot and ankle. It is recommended for neuropathic patients with severe foot and ankle deformity.

Inside the walker, there is a thick multi-density insole with a plastazote top cover that can have accommodation added for any plantar prominences or ulcer presentations as well as fillers for any forefoot/digit amputations.

This device is customizable per the practitioner’s discretion and is available exclusively through licensed medical providers.