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I just wanted to send you some feedback pertaining to the Foot Orthotic Prescribing Guide.  It’s awesome.  I’ve been looking for this kind of resource ever since I became a …

Matthew O’Reilly, C.Ped, COF, North Carolina

Many orthotic laboratories have succeeded and failed in my 35 years of practice. Those who have failed often fail due to economic pressures, but others simply because of a lack …

Dr Paul Kesselman, New York

I had a great experience when dealing with Kevin Orthopedic. My arch collapses and creates pressure points at my heal and at the ball of my feet. Most of my …

Adam Shabaz

Kevin Orthopedic is awesome! I am a very picky doctor who insists on superior quality and service, and they deliver every time! I had a patient traveling to Italy, had …

Dr Don Kim, Long Beach

Working with Kevin Orthopedic has improved my patients’ outcomes. Kevin Orthopedic has provided me with orthotic devices built to my specific requirements, the quality is unmatched, and the fact that …

Dr Mark Weiss, Los Angeles

Kevin Orthopedic puts great care into the fabrication of their orthotic devices. The team at Kevin Orthopedic has given my practice unmatched customer service. They are available to answer questions …

Dr Richard Schilling, Columbus OH

I believe that Kevin Orthopedic is by far the best orthotic lab in the United States. They produce a superior product and the customer service to patients and doctors is …

Dr Bob Baravarian, Santa Monica

Shortly after Kevin joined our Institute, I realized he was a rising star. I trusted Kevin so much that I created a new position for him at the Weil Foot …

Dr Lowell Weil, Sr, Weil Foot and Ankle Institute

Finally! A comprehensive “manual” for functional and accommodative orthotics. It’s just what every foot and ankle specialist has wanted from their orthopedic lab, but never asked for. There is nothing …

Dr. David Soomekh, Beverly Hills

It is my pleasure to review this guide to custom foot orthotic prescribing written and illustrated by Kevin Rosenbloom, C.Ped., of Kevin Orthopedic, which is a national custom prescription foot …

Dr Keith Gurnick, Los Angeles

Was introduced to this company through a friend’s suggestion and I am so glad I did! I was suffering from this strange pain on the ball of my right foot …

Eno B., patient

After one week I can say they have made a great improvement on the way I walk, it’s nice to be able to walk with your head up instead of …

Ron Finucane

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