Custom Molded
Foot Orthoses & AFOs
Your patient’s feet are unique. And you provide them with something to step on that is uniquely theirs!

Active Devices

All Sport

Model A1

The most universal custom foot orthosis. Effective for nearly every athletic activity.


Model A5

Built to restrict overpronation tendencies. Highly controlling device that assists in the prevention of injuries and imbalances.

Sport Devices


Model S1

Designed for recreational skiers.  Intimate contour with the foot improves ski control and boot fit and comfort.

Ski Pro

Model S2

Designed for high performance skiers requiring precision and control. Lightweight, stiff, carbon fiber shell maximize energy transfer to the ski edge.


Model S3

Enhances balance and control for snowboarders of all ability levels. Excellent shock-absorption and cushioning. 


Model S4

Capable of withstanding the high impact nature of Basketball. Provides shock absorption and cushioning for repetitive jumping and agility movements.


Model S5

Designed for high school to professional level football players.

2/7/18Protects the foot against the full contact and high impact stresses endured during practice and games.

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